Rules of Recycling

Important things to know about recycling with Moon Run Sanitation.

Things you can recycle

  • Plastic beverage bottles
  • Plastic containers holding food, household products and pill bottles (clean with no labels or wraps)
  • Any other plastic that has a recycling symbol with a number 1 through 7 on it (except bags and wraps)
  • Tin, metal and aluminum cans
  • Clean aluminum foil
  • Shampoo, soap and detergent bottles (rinsed out)
  • Pie pans and aluminum food containers (cleaned out)

Please keep in mind...

Large items that may be recyclable will not be taken; it must fit in the bag or container. Also, not cleaning out your recyclables will result in your load being put in the trash. Additionally, after several issues you could be removed from the recycle campaign altogether.

Do not recycle any of these items

  • Plastic bags and wraps
  • Any packaging that contained: oil paint, motor oil, fuel, poisons, or medical waste
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Diapers (really!)
  • Food packaging, burger wrappers, pizza boxes; anything with food or grease on it
  • Propane cylinders
  • Multi-layer bags like potato chip bags
  • Large items such as furniture, laundry baskets, tables, etc.
  • Hangers, whether metal or plastic
  • Ceramics such as plates and cups
  • Wood products
  • Aerosol cans
  • Clothes
  • Anything smaller than 3 inches or that can be wrapped around something

Our Process

Our truck is set up to haul trash and recycle at the same time. To do this, we use clear recycle bags. This is how we separate the recycling. Thank you!

No Obligation

We understand that recycling is not for everyone. You are not obligated to take part in the recycling campaign. It is a service we offer to our customers who want to participate.

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